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We are an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing smart technological solutions for businesses. We are a high spirited team of software engineers, architects and analysts to deliver solutions that address business challenges. We focus on resolving IT problems for our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business strengths.



DevOps and Agile:

Our DevOps and Agile methodologies bridges the gap between development, quality and IT operations teams enabling a faster release cycle and improving the overall operational performance.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing approach provides a deep insight into software performance and architecture. We analyze your business critical applications and ensure that no functionality bugs or shortcomings impact the customer experience.

Automation Testing

At Xpertladr, we understand the need for accelerated time to market, but we never let testing take the back seat. Our testing programs tend to increase test code re-usability and test automation coverage by detecting the bugs at a very early stage.

IT infrastructure and Implementation Support

We provide L1, L2 and L3 support to interact with business users as they come across challenges in their daily operations. We make sure that these challenges do not impact businesses and they are handled in a timely and pro-active manner.

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