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Performance Testing: Ensure smooth functioning of your business applications

Many times we’ve heard, websites and applications crashing upon sudden increase in concurrent users. This happens as the systems are not designed to handle those extra workloads which may arise due to increased business requirements. Performance testing ensures a smooth functioning of any software or application under expected and increased workloads.

As per a report by Dunn & Bradstreet, about 56% of Fortune 500 companies suffer a downtime of 1.6 hours per week.

Imagine loosing billion dollars per year just due to negligence in testing. Apart from the functionality of any website or application, critical factors such as response time, resource usage and scalability should be tested to ensure high performance.

Fixing performance issues

Performance testing in software testing determines bugs and eliminate the system bottlenecks. It reveals the areas of improvement exposing a website or application to its end user. To ensure long term and desired functionality, organizations must invest in smart ways of testing their systems for undesired workloads. This not only makes the systems future ready but reliable when it comes to increase in business users.

Most performance issues arise due to poor speed, response time, load time and above all scalability. Software performance testing ensures that systems are fast enough to keep users attention and interest. There are different type of performance testing like load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, spike testing, volume and scalability testing.

Businesses should frequently test their existing and new systems for performance, as identifying and improving even small faults may result in faster processing time. Using the right set of tools and frameworks is critical to analyze raw performance statistics and make informed decisions. We at XpertLadr have tested several systems for performance and have enabled organizations save hours of downtime per week.

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