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Check your systems for common performance bottlenecks

Performance testing determines performance of system components under different conditions like load or stress. It also checks system’s stability for volume, scalability, endurance, etc. Organizations can use open source tools like JMeter and Selenium to load test functional behavior and measure performance of systems. By investing in smart testing frameworks, organizations can accelerate their business processes and optimize testing.

We’ve mentioned previously about the bottlenecks when it comes to performance of systems. Let us discuss some of them here. 

CPU utilization

It is an important data point while testing systems for performance. One can easily monitor CPU usage by accessing task manager, resource monitor and performance monitor panels. If CPU usage shoots 80% and you see a long processing que, it’s time to dig in fix this component.

Memory usage

If the system does not has fast enough or adequate RAM and transactions per second increase, a memory bottleneck is supposed to interrupt the system performance. This results in slower speed of operations as RAM cannot keep up the pace with the CPU to exchange information. Alternatively, if the system does not has enough memory, it will start overloading, slow down disk storage, hence response time. Adding more memory and faster RAM can avoid this situation of saturation.

Network Usage

Performance of systems also depend upon the uplink and downlink speed of a network. In order to measure successful message delivery rate, it is crucial to measure both upload and download speeds. Different types of networks tests include network load test, penetration test and download/upload speed test. Metrics like throughput, jitter, delays, network speed, etc. give insights on the performance of a network.


Large organization have budgets and resources to overcome above system performance challenges. They can purchase expensive equipment and tools, while the rest of us rely on open source methods and tools. At XperLadr, our experts perform several performance tests to provide deeper and actionable insights into your systems and processes.

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