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Following the right performance testing methodology

Performance testing is used to test the performance of software and systems. It determines the capacity of existing systems and creates benchmarks for future systems by evaluating degradations with various loads and configurations. It should be kept in mind that performance testing should be a part of continuous testing process throughout the full software development lifecycle.

Test and production environments should be completely clear to the user, along with identifying  the testing tools. Understanding the hardware, software and network configurations used during the testing helps users to create more effective test cases. The tester should identify goals and success criteria for the testing process. Sometimes the tester should determine the performance benchmarks outside the project specifications too.

Next, the tester should gather information containing all the details which will act as a checklist and reference for test execution. A test plan includes but is not limited to testing goals, objectives, components to be tested, resource allocation, data, software and hardware requirements, environment, test scenarios, result analysis, etc.  

Once the test environments are configured and scripting has been completed, it’s time to implement the test designs, execute and monitor the tests. Result analysis is the most crucial part of the entire testing process. It involves the design of scenarios which gives a picture of results at the end of  the test run. After the full performance test, a report of the findings and the whole project must be delivered to relevant stakeholders. This report should address specific issues and suggest areas of improvements.

The methodology described above is just an overview and is by no means the only methodology that works. But following the flow will assure positive results and surely add value to the testing process. At Xpertladr we conduct performance tests for high transactional applications, systems, etc.  and share actionable insights.

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